GGS will attend 2018 PHOTOKINA Cologne

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2018 德国科隆影像摄影器材展 Photokina Cologne Germany
The great photographic equipment expo PHOTOKINA will be held from September 26th to 29th in Cologne, it is the newest and professional expo of imaging and photographic products. The worldwide buyers and fanciers all like to come PHOTOKINA to find the most fashionable and latest products. PHOTOKINA provides a broad communication platform and many chances to the manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. It became the first choice for expos of the photographic industry. In this PHOTOKINA, there will be 6000 journalists from 68 countries to attend it.
The products will be showed in 2018 PHOTOKINA: digital cameras, the portable fluoroscopic imaging, films, digital storage medium, AV service, etc
GGS will also attend this PHOTOKINA, and many new products will be exhibited:
  1. GGSFOTO LCD Portable Ocular
  2. Electronic Slider
  3. Air-pump Camera Strap
  4. Table Tripod and Clip
2018德国摄影器材展览会 Cologne Germany PHOTOKINA GGS LARMOR
Welcome to visit GGS’s Booth (Hall5.2 F-035), expecting the meeting with you!
2018 PHOTOKINA Germany Cologne 德国科隆摄影展